Monday, November 30, 2009

DAY 04- Hong Kong

day 4 in a glance
12nn: Brand new start!
1pm: Luk Yu Teahouse@Central
2pm: Walk around Staunton, Hollywood. Visit HOMELESS furniture. Caught the earlier part of Architecture Biennale in an old Police quarters.
4pm: Leave SOHO, Queen's Road central. Coach. GUCCI. LV. Lots of branded shopping.
6pm: Snack at McD to have my Double Pork Burger + Milk tea.
630pm: Tsim Sha Tsui, Granville Circuit
8pm: Dinner at 再興燒臘飯店
9pm: Supper 九記甜品

Will post photos!

DAY 03- Hong Kong

day 3 in a glance
1030am: wakie wakie. Change and time to find food!

11am: Shopping! on the way to this restaurant called: 一點心. Recommended for its reasonable pricing and fast delivery.

3pm: Causeway Bay. Lunch at Modern Toilet. This thematic restaurant setting is of toilet fixtures and accessories! Good for photo-taking but not so good food.

4pm: SOGO, must go to their event hall to check their weekly sales. Best way to do it is the queue for their elevator. Then take the escalator down. Visit Jardines Bazaar. World Trade Centre which has loads of shops like zara, uniqlo, mango etc etc. Island Beverly which has many local designer shops, lots of nice accessories and dresses, nice place for the ladies. LaForet is very much like Far East, small shops concept, targeted for the pubescent teens.

8pm: Dinner at Yau Gwat Hei Hotpot Specialty Restaurant 有骨氣 where the locals have their steamboats. Famous for their slice black pig and cuttlefish paste which you have to squeeze it yourself. Which is all the fun about. really.

First stop: TO fill our stomachs first!!! Or rather that was what i had initially had in mind till i was waylaid by some stores along the street which were tucked along the way to the restaurant!!!
But we finally made our way there after some shopping bags. hehee. And there was already a queue forming outside the doors.

Here's the addy!

we ordered: century egg porridge, siew mai, beancurd skin, chicken paws!! (muahaha), vegetables, charsiew changfen & lastly meatballs
Total cost: $91

And it's more shopping on the way back to the hotel to dump my shopping bags. Bought a hello kitty tissue cover for my car/new home maybe. Curtain holder, hello kitty too...although hmm, haven't really thot where i could put them! Next i saw some strawberries on the way back and i couldnt resist it too, and bought 2 punnets of them. And i bought even more stuff further down the road. Another dress ($69), totally to 4 now and it's only the 3rd day!!! a pair of shoes ($59), pink ear-phones($69) which totally rock (star prints!!), more hairbands for my head.

my collection of pretty hairbands!

Next we took the MTR down to Causeway Bay to eat lunch! or Tunch since it was already 3pm. And when we reached the restaurant there were a Singaporean family there too! Eating like us at a funny timing!
Modern Toilet
4th Floor, Capital centre 5-19, Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay (MRT Exit F, located above Watson's)

And here's a pile of poop to greet us at the door's entrance! There's a fly on the poop too...

Here comes our food!!! we ordered Taro Balls (came in a squatting pan!)comes with complimentary milk tea (in a urinal) and a bath-tub of LoMien (YUK!!!) + Poo dessert

Total: $89

We sat on toilet bowls, and the table was supported with basins! There was the toilet signs on doors too, and behind me where i was sitting was filled with rainshower heads!!! SO COOL!!!

after the horrible meal at Modern Toilet. (only the poo soft ice cream was okay) the rest was yukky. We went to SOGO's 9th flr = event hall and i bought myself yet another pair of shoes. This time from Timberland $290HKD and a bag from KATE Spade (YAY!!) at 30% off.

Did more shopping at World Trade Centre where WJ bought some of his UNIQLO shirts, and we caught a bit of Cheung Chi lam's open air concert. And we popped by Agnes B cafe too...*drools*
Bought 2 more dresses from Island Beverly, gosh they have so many things there and not much money!!! Went to LaForet and it had so many shops too...just like Far East Plaza.

Dinner was at 有骨氣 and i saw a HK MOVIE STAR!!!

We ordered Tau Kee+Steamboat veggie (Tong Ou) + Golden Mushrooms, +Sliced Black Pig + Hand Squeezed cuttlefish paste. It's worth every penny cos i saw a star!!! WEE! anyway their service is really good, when there's scum in the steamboat soup, a waiter will come and scoop it off. And they cleared our plates, make sure that we are comfortable and all.

last but not least, my buys for today.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

DAY 02- Hong Kong

day 2 in a glance
1030am: rise and shine. pack my map and sketch book. change into my outing clothes.
11am: 妹記生滾粥品
12nn: Shopping along the streets of Mongkok's Fa Yuen Kai
1pm: Kam Wah Cafeteria 金華冰店
2pm: More shopping
230pm: Back at hotel to put down my shopping bags
Afternoon: Sino centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Granville Circuit, Uniqlo
5pm: Dinner at Mak Man Kee Noodle House 麥文記麵家
7pm: Dessert at Australian Diary Company
730pm: Back to Mongkok area, walked around hotel vicinity.
930pm: Supper: Crepes with ham and cheese ($17), Snails ($20), bought a packet of ribena lemon from 7-11 ($5.50)

address: Mongkok Municipal Building's Foodcourt Level 3 (although it's 4th storey in chinese) Try: Fish belly congee and meatball congee. Opens: 630am-3pm

and they had so many newspaper cuttings laid on their wall tiles for everyone to see. They start really early in the morning, and the locals come pretty early to eat here as well.
Fish belly porridge: $26
Meatball porridge: $23
we shared a drink for $9

after my bowl of porridge (i had the fish belly one which had a few tiny bones so watch-out) it was really fresh, though i kinda prefer's wj's meatball congee more. Next, we are on the look-out for Kam Wah Cafeteria 金華冰店's famous pineapple buns aka BO LUO BAOS!!! On the way, i passed by the fish market street where there were so many plastic bags of different fishies and they look so colourful!

Follow me please for the famous milk made in a sock ala HK's well-known milk tea and pineapple buns. This is really good.... heard their coconut tarts and egg tarts are recommended as well. Better try! Had my milk tea in a cup with a cow print on. Really traditional and so cute!!! LOVE every moment of my HK Shopping cum food trail holiday. By the way, it's always crowded here at Kam Wah, and everyone is pushing their way through this small little cafeteria. Not to mention people shouting for orders, so get use to it.

Kam Wah Cafe
47, Bute Street Prince Edward

we ordered:
2 bo luo baos 1 egg tart 2 cups of milk tea

after tea break, we went back to the hotel to put some of my shopping bags down and i went to change into my new 'skull' top! haha, couldnt resist wearing new clothes on a holiday!

Went to SINO centre to take a look at some nick-nacks, saw the imitation Karrlson clock which we were very interested in. Although it was quite huge to bring home. It was cheaper than in Singapore. But we didn't it in the end. Left Sino centre and went to top up our 'octopus card' and took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui. Walked around Granville road and Granville Circuit. Wj bought some shirts from UNIQLO too.
and just behind granville circuit, there's a new hotel in town!!! Looks pretty neat, next time shall try to stay here. Too bad, i forgot to take the name of the hotel down.
McDonalds is selling double patty pork burger!!! This I've got to try!!!

soon it was dinner time, and we had our dinner at 麥文記麵家.
G/F No 51 Parkes St (Jordan) Opens 12pm-1230am daily.
Try: Fermented Beancurd Pork Trotter (think collagen gals!!!) and wanton noodles. The bowl may look small, see, smaller than my face in the photo, but underneath that bowl of golden noodles, lies big fat wantons which has fresh prawns in them!!! And boy were they succulent! YUMMY!!!

my take at the fermented beancurd pig trotter. Not bad! taste not too strong though.

left: my wanton noodles right: wj's spring onion noodles.

Next for dessert: Australian Diary!!! (it's just next door to the noodle house)
For their egg pudding!!! and of cos their 'breakfast' sets are very affordable. Their scrambled eggs are to die-for. Bright yellow, looking all creamy and thick and juicy on a thick yet soft steamed bread!!!! SHIOK ah!

can u believe this after eating so much, wj still has stomach for more push-cart food back at mongkok!!! And he's eating a Styrofoam bowl of snails!!!
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