Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 03 - Madrid -> Toledo -> Segovia

And so starts our Third day in Spain
Breakfast was quite a spread...too bad i can't eat cold cuts and cheese...

and they serve churros for breakfast too! And the melons in Spain are truly sweet! The skin looks like a watermelon but the insides taste like a honeydew.

After breakfast begins our half day tour of Toledo

ahren and she-orh-orh viewing the whole of Toledo from afar.

here's me at the famous Alcantara bridge...can you see my tummy bum already?
I'm already 5 months preggie!!!

and then it's wj's turn!

wj goes to get us a bottle of mineral water cos we heard from other tour members that the grocery shop selling really cheap mineral water for 90c euro!

next we are going to take the escalator up to the old city which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
streets of Toledo!

Next after taking some photos of Toledo, we were brought to a Damascene Workshop to see some handicraft being made into trinkets which were sold throughout of Toledo streets only! But i didn't buy any...not really my sort of thing.

Lunch was provided...and it was broad beans followed by fish and chips + a bottle of red wine...but I couldn't drink alcohol so we gave it to 2 elderly couples who seem to enjoy wine alot!!! - Later we found out that these 2 couples met each other on another tour to America and hit it off so well that they have decided to travel together again.

here's me outside the restaurant where we had lunch.
after lunch, we had a short walk to the Gothic Cathedral where our tour guide did a short interpretation of the place and city.
the interior of the Gothic Cathedral

more street shots of Toledo before we board the coach and onwards we move towards Segovia (2 hour ride).

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