Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 05 - Salamanca -> Fatima -> Lisbon

buenos días! morning in Spanish.
Our usual starts at 630am morning call, 730am breakfast and 830am check out, 845am load all the luggage on the coach and leave the hotel at 9am. So everyday is pretty much quite a routine which i find it quite relaxing, usually by 8pm we will be back at the hotel to rest and unpack.

here's wj having his breakfast spread of bacon, ham and scrambled you can see, he's very busy eating.

here's a tummy check on myself! - Looking good! heehee...

this morning weather in Salamanca is ....FOGGY!

next is our 5 hours coach ride, crossing borders to Portugal and going onwards to Fatima. Our tour leader doesn't really tell us stories about Spain or Portugal, he usually lets us watch DVDs on the coach if not, it will be zzzz time.

After 5 hours ride, we reach a pitsop where we had our lunch on our own and some souvenir shopping where i bought a rosary for mummy dearest.

we weren't really hungry since we didn't exercise much after the heavy hearty breakfast, so we share a beef steak, or rather wj had it all to himself while i had a hot soup.

The Shrine of Our Lady Fatima is just a 15mins ride we reached there in no time at all!

that's me doing a star jump at 5 months and counting!!! Many of our tour members are saying how lucky our baby is to travel so soon!!!! I hope so too that he will have a blessed life ahead of him!

here's The Chapel of Apparitions where Lady Mary appeared to the 3 peasant children.

our 2 jokers - she-orh-orh and ahren

Church of the Santíssima Trindade by Greek Alexandros Tombazis

wj in love with the floor tiles! Rustic!
that's us after buying a souvenir and taking a rest.

a piece of the berlin wall is being commerated here...
near the Church vicinity are rows of souvenir shops for tourist to buy stuff!
after visiting the Shrine of our Lady of Fatima, we hopped onto our coach for our last activity for the day - SHOPPING!
Our Tour Leader dropped us off at Oriente Station, Lisbon designed by the well-known architect Santiago Calatrava.

WOW...really spectacular his structural columns and flying beams that spans like the wings of a bird or plane...and so many trusses like a tree.
Anyway dinner we had to settle ourselves here, cos we were very rushed for time, dropping by the Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear, H&M, Massimo Dutti and Bimba&Lola shops that we ended getting a quick meal from McDonalds, which wasn't so bad, the fries were hot and crispy!

here's a look at our buys for the past 5 days! The camper shoes we left them on the coach till the last day then we will pack into our luggage....

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