Thursday, January 19, 2012

heehee... this is the first time that hubs is eating at Skinny Pizza... while i had once before with my girlfriends at CityHall basement before so I've always wanted to bring him to try their pizzas and pasta!

this time, we were at Great World City and they have a branch there!
So we tried out their Ginger Butter Chicken pizza $21 which tasted like India (hubs told me that it was Tandoori chicken!) , shared a crab pumpkin soup $6 which was ok, and a Black Pepper Prawn Linguine $18 which had really huge prawns and fresh roe on top! And we shared a side too - sweet potato nibblets $7

As usual, their pizza crust is super thin and crispy, even hubs says it's like eating cream soda was really thin and the ingredients were sort of falling off as the crust couldn't really take the weight of all the toppings.

here's a look at the crab pumpkin soup which comes with a slice of toasted multi grain bread

the pasta...all black and spicy!

our skinny pizza- Ginger Butter Chicken which totally reminds me of Indian Cuisine fare!

side kick - sweet potatoes!! my fave at the moment! - comes in a metal tin like those NS boys would use when they go outfield. hahaha....

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