Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 08 - Seville -> Granada

Good morning everyone!
This morning we will be leaving Seville for Granada where it's famous for its tiles which are more colourful compared to Toledo's.

so here's us cam-whoring on the coach whilst we are still wide awake while some of our tour members are already snoring away.... it's a 3 hours ride from Seville to Granada.

Olive trees are a mass production here in Spain, so olive oil is one commodity which you can get from here!

ahren: look she-orh-orh! mummy has a new bag and we are in it, think it's bimbo & lala....
she-orh-orh: you stupid bear, it's bimba & lola lah...

lunch was provided but this time it's not local cuisine but chinese food.
and onto Seville's street for some snapshots before our coach comes and picks us up to Alhambra Palace.

look! that's the queue infront of us waiting to go into Alhambra Palace! Here we are going for 2 hour walk and we must reach the palace at 330pm cos each ticket has a specific timing to visit the Palace. Since it's still early, the tour guide brought as along the Gardens first.
finally we are in! and we need to use the listening aid provided by our tour guide.

lots of cypress trees growing in the Generalife gardens and it is very well manicured and maintained to pristine conditions!

some of the local species which are thriving quite well in the cold weather.
see how manicured the hedges are? rows and rows of arched hedges form part of the garden.

Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens has a very moorish Architecture - muslim influence.

don't the trimmed cypress trees reminds you of Paddal Pop ice-creams???

colourful tiles line up the bottom half of the wall for easily maintanance says the tour guide and the walls are left empty because in winter time, they will hang tapestries to keep the place warm.
The floors have very little deoration too, because come winter, they will line it with carpet. So the only area where they really decorate is the ceiling!

here's a look at their ceiling!

after visiting the Palace, it's time for Singaporean's fave The bad thing about our tour leader was that he dropped us at YET ANOTHER run of the mill shopping mall called El Corte Ingles which is really popular and boring here...even the aunties in our tour complain how boring that shopping mall was. Ask our tour leader where is the nearest Zara, he says must take a bus! wj was quite pissed....and decided not to be outdone and he walked out of the shopping mall and makes a right turn and voila! we made it to the Main Shopping street where we found Zara Home, Zara, Massimo Dutti, H&M, Bimba & Lola, Pull & Bear, Stradivarious and so many more stores!!!!

after so much walking, we were quite hungry and bought some local donuts with hot chocolate sauce to munch on. YUMMY!
by the time we got back to the coach, all the street lamps lit up! Phew!! luckily we are not the last to reach the coach.

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