Thursday, January 12, 2012

GO GO Curry! at Millenia

if you have been to Japan then you will know that GO GO CURRY is actually quite popular there!!!
because of its sweet curry and hot crispy katsu! heard that japanese curry uses fruits like mango and apples in their makings!

this place is really very quiet as not many people will come down over to here to shop, but since our office is so near here, might as well dropby to eat once in a while...

i remembered eating my first one in ION, it was pretty tight and small area.. this one at Millenia is more spacious!

i had the economy meal while hubs had the next upgrade!!!

guess he was really hungry!!!
overall - hubs says that he wouldn't want to eat this in a while because i think he overate...hahah...i was ok with the sweet fruity curry and i personally think Economy serving is quite big for me!

bon appetite peeps!

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