Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 07 - Lisbon -> Seville

Time flies...
Almost half the trip has passed by in the wink of an eye! Today we will be leaving Lisbon and heading back to Spain's Seville, Andalusia's capital.
took some views of Lisbon city while on the coach....crossing the super big river which looks like the ocean.

lunch was on our own, where we had an economic set meal called the Pilgrim's menu. It was super filling!

Next, we arrived at Plaza de Espana...see the doorway to the place, looks so small and insignificant right?

when we went pass through the door....WOOO!

this place is humungous!!!! it has its own canal with pretty bridges across and gondolas like Venice and a very huge square!

series of jumping wj 1...2...3...!

series of jumping me 1...2...3...!

let's flamenco dance!

yes yes while crossing the streets we also take photos of ourselves!!! we are cam-whores!!! hahahaha

tour guide dropped us off at Barrio de Santa Cruz, formerly the ghetto of the Spanish Jews to have a feel of the place, the courtyards are filled with orange trees just like the main roads. But these oranges are bitter and sour, used for marmalade most of the time and not meant for consumption.
Next we head off to Giralda Tower which i didn't climb cos i didn't want to exert myself too much, we spend the 20mins instead of climbing, we browsed around the bookshop and bought some pretty neat souvenirs! and took some photos of the courtyard. The Gothic Cathedral was built by the Muslims where the architecture of the arches are quite evident and the Christians took over it and converted it into a church.

left: the Giralda Tower, right: Gothic Cathedral

city of seville.

tonight we are having a passionate Spanish Flamenco dancing show during dinner! WOOHOO! and a bottle of red wine is on the house too! First course was cold shrimp with salad, followed by Pork steak and dessert: a scoop of ice-cream, coffee or tea.
no shopping mall tonight. heehee

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