Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 06 - Lisbon, Portugal

2 Nights in Lisbon
YES! and this morning we didn't have to lug our luggage down to the hotel lobby because we are staying 2 nights in Lisbon!
same old thing everyday.

Our tour guide was saying that Portuguese also love bull-fights just like the Spaniards and the difference between the two was that in Spain, the fighter is on foot while in Portugal, the fighter sits on the horse and fights. How interesting!

Our tour guide also explained about Portugal's geography and site constraint such that many Portuguese people are travelers because they are being cornered by Spain and the vast ocean, and the other way out was to travel by sea. So came about the famous Portuguese egg tart travelling all the way to Macau (that time, China loan Macau to Portugal under a treaty) and how Macau and some parts of Indonesia were under the Portuguese!

This morning was super FOGGY again, just like Salamanca!
First stop was to Belem Tower and we couldn't see the massive tower until we had gotten so close to it. The fog felt like drizzles in standstill mist...and made all the photos so blurry and unclear...and blue and grey...YUCKS....

after visiting The Belem Tower and Monument of Discoveries, we proceed to Jeronimos Monastery (yes!!! the sun is up and chase away all the fog!) where the secret recipe of the Portugese Egg tart was founded! Right here in the Monastery!!! Can you believe that it was founded by Monks????
Anyway, there's a little bakery in blue awning just further down the street of the Monastery where the recipe was passed down to this family. So that's the origins of the famous Portuguese Egg tart.
some interior shots of the Monastery church....

Next the tour guide brought us to a square which was quite spectacular in ornamental finishes.
after visiting the Monastery, we had some free time to ourselves to buy the famous egg tart before we all meet up at the off we went in search our the delicious egg tart!!!

here's wj in the queue together with the rest of our tour members!
yes!we have finally gotten our famous portugese egg tart and it comes with cinnamon powder. Each egg tart cost $1.05 euros.
The bakery name is: Pasteis de Belem (1837).
Go try it if you happen to pass by there!!!!

YUMZ! i love it even better with the cinnamon powder on it!

after the egg tart snack, lunch was provided and it was Portugal's national dish "Bacalhau" - salted cod fish. It is often cooked on social occasions and is the Portuguese traditional Christmas dinner in some parts of Portugal. I thought it was quite tasty though some chinese mouth tour members didnt like it at all and complained....sigh, sometimes it's really hard to please everyone.

after lunch we were given about 2 hours or so for more shopping! There was a street selling international brands and another street selling the normal spanish brands called Baixa which we didn't have time to go cos we were looking for Prada and Longchamp! hahaha....

here's a bright red Lisbon sightseeing bus!

after shopping at the streets of Lisbon,our tour leader brought us yet to another shopping mall to shop! OMG! i think he must be really scare from all the complaints from other tour members not giving enough time for shopping! cos i was pretty darn tired from all that shopping!!!
So we were dropped off at this shopping mall called Colombo and there i bought more Zara, a pair of shoe ($39Euro) and bag ($184Euro) from Bimba & Lola because it was so cheap!!!!

sigh...beginning to feel a little guilty of overspending.

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