Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 10 - Valencia -> Barelona

Morning Valencia!
Today we shall begin the day with a half day tour at Valencia, the third largest city of Spain.

Bull ring stadium!

left: me in the city.
right: Western view from Our Lady Square, with the Apostles Gate, the transept tower and the Obra Nova.

behind us is the Valencia Cathedral and Little Michael Tower aka Torre Del Miquelet

Towers of Serranos, one of the twelve gates that were found along the old medieval city wall in Valencia.
It is considered one of Valencia's most iconic building and is one the best conserved monuments in the city.

manhole of Valencia!

the tour guide explaining the origins of the Gothic Cathedral and the slow transformation of additional towers and other parts of the church.

after the tour guide explained a little about the history of Valencia and the city square, we were given some time to take some photos and souvenir shopping!

pretty lamps but i didn't buy any home...don't know where to put them!

we settled ourselves at this little cafe where they made their own pastries and wj had a cuppa hot chocolate which was very thick. And we used the toilet here too!

wj's thick chocolate. $3 euros
After our short break, the tour guide brought us to La Lonja where back in the olden times, people trade for silk, paper and sugarcane.

The Lonja which is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and opposite the Market which the tour guide brought us to take a look and browse around.

The Market! Bustling with activities!

wj posing with small to large cast iron pans meant for paella cooking!

ceiling of the market

we were given about 2 hours at the market and to settle lunch on our own, as we weren't really excited about grocery shop, so we went down to the main street for some real shopping! and brought back bags of Zara and Massimo Dutti, to the amazement of our tour members!!!!

Here's the flower market along the way to the main streets....

For lunch, as we were so short of time, we had a slice of pizza and a cup of soft drink for $2 euros.
Soon we board onto our coach and said our goodbyes to Valencia and we are heading towards our last city of Spain - Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and Spain's second largest city!

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