Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 04 - Segovia -> Salamanca

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone from Spain!
here's us having our usual breakfast which we are going to eat for the next 10 days which consists of scrambled eggs, ham, sausages and croissant.
this morning, the first thing we saw when we entered the city of Segovia is the huge Aquaduct!

yes i love taking manhole photos and i have a series of all the cities of Spain in my following blogs...so watch out for them!

after the city tour, our tour leader agreed to let us have some time for souvenir shopping and to meet at this clock tower of Segovia's Plaza Mayor - opp there's a McDonalds!

and we saw a spikey building which reminded me of our esplanade fins!

our whole family outside Alcazar! - ahren, she-orh-orh, me and wj

isn't the castle a beauty!!!! looks so much like cinderella castle with the blue roof tiles.

and we have gotten our tickets to go into the castle to take a sneak peak!

the windows have arches to them which frames the pretty scene of Segovia

and we bought some souvenirs from Segovia home! - pretty ornamental saucer plates. after walking the streets of Segovia, lunch provided was the famous Suckling pig called cochinillo.
The suckling pig was brought to our tables with a lady adding a flame to the flowers which were attached to the piggy's mouth and it went into flames!
Next the lady used an orange ceramic plate to cut the crispy suckling pig up and threw the ceramic plate onto the floor! and put her hands to a clap! how extraordinary it was....
the suckling pig was served with baked potatoes and salad on the side.

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Segovia and onto our coach, we are off for Salamanca!
and when we reached our tour leader said that it was difficult to get a toilet here and wanted us to buy a drink at the cafe and use the toilet!!! AIYOH!!!!

anyway, we managed to find a cafe and bought a cafe latte and use the toilet. And we saw the Casa de las Conchas on the way when we were looking for toilets. The Casa de las Conchas is a historical building in Salamanca which currently houses a public library. It has a peculiar feature on its facade - shells! Decorated with more than 300 shells.
me - waiting for the rest of our tour group who are also in search of cafe and toilets!
here's where the guide is telling is about the ornamental figures displaying artwork of the 20th century! - a spaceman, a monkey eating ice-cream and i can't remember what funny thing was created to date history.
here's a zoom in on the spaceman and monkey eating ice-cream , can you find it?

and here's another Plaza Mayor of Spain but in Salamanca.

me and my shopping bags!!! we managed to find ZARA HOME!! and bought quite a few stuff for our little baby!


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