Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beijing Day 02 - Dinner time at Wangfujing 狗不理包子

After we put down our shopping bags in the hotel, we walked past Donghuamen's night street market down to Wangfujing to try the 狗不理包子 which is opposite Quanjude.

On arrival, you will see this statue of a chinese man holding onto a plate of buns.

we order the combi set which had 9 buns, unlimited flow of porridge for $45Yuan which we thought it was exorbitant!
We also ordered 2 side vegetable dishes for $10 Yuan each and a bowl of Sour Spicy Soup which they got our order wrong and served us egg soup instead.

We tried to change it the first time but they refused saying it's Sour Spicy Soup.
PLEASE!!! I'm Chinese okay and I know how to tell the difference between a Sour Spicy Soup and an Egg Soup!!!!
So we told them off again and insisted that we ordered Sour Spicy soup and this is not what it was. They refused and told us that we ordered egg soup!! URGH!!!

Third time we tried again as we were really very fed up with their service, they took our soup into the kitchen and came back with the Sour Spicy Soup.

I was damn pissed with them.

after the horrible dinner service, we went back to the food street to get some snacks for supper.

what a night
Totally hate Wangfujing 狗不理包子 restaurant.

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