Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beijing 3 Days 3 Nights Architectural Itinerary

This is pretty much an architectural cum eating itinerary and it doesn't cover TianAnMen or GuGong or Great Wall of China as we have done these in our previous visit to Beijing.

Day 01
9am: Breakfast at Hun Tun Hou 餛飩候, Guloudongdajie 鼓楼东大街
930am: Walk along Nanluoguxiang 南鑼鼓巷 for some early street shopping, try 文宇奶酪 and churros 吉事果 for snacks.
11am: 798 Art district, sightseeing and some artsy shopping here
1pm: Visit Sanlitun 三里屯 Village> Opposite house> Sanlitun SOHO.
optional: If you don't like shopping malls, you can visit Yaxiu Shopping Mall which sells the imitation goods which is within the vicinity.
2pm: Coffee break at cafe called Colibri.
3pm : Visit CCTV > Shangdu 尚都 SOHO > Chaowai 朝外 SOHO
5pm: Early Dinner at Ding Ding Xiang Hotpot (at Shangdu SOHO east tower)
6pm: Back at hotel to unload shopping and rest
8pm: Walk down Wangfujing > Wangfujing snack street > Donghuamen Night Market 東華門

Day 02
9am: Breakfast at 包子鋪 Gulongdajie 鼓龍大街.
10am: Visit National Theatre, fondly known as The Egg.
optional: Quickly dropby Silk Market if you want to buy imitation goods but we skipped this part since we are not interested. It's very near to The Egg.
11am: Walk down to Oriental Plaza 東方新天地. This is quite a walk.
12nn: Lunch at QuanJuDe 全聚德 for their famous Peking Duck。
2pm: Visit National Stadium (Bird Nest) 鸟巢 and Watercube 水立方 > Digital Beijing/ Matrix
4pm: Wudaokou Clothing Market where the local students shop.
8pm: Dinner at Wangfujing 狗不理包子
9pm: Donghuamen night Market to pack some supper back

Day 03
9am: Xidan 西单 Shopping Street for breakfast. Eat the local street snacks and more shopping.
optional: If you have time and want something different, visit Pan Jia Yuan market for antiques. Best to do this on a weekend.
12nn: YanDaiXiejie 烟袋斜街for souvenir shopping and a picturesque view of Houhai Lake. If you want can hitch a trishaw ride.
1pm: Lunch at XiaoBeiJing 小北鯨 for some piping hot dumplings. Beside this stall sells the very famous Beijing snack which always has a snaking to bus stop.Further down is another stall which sells cream puffs which is also a local hit. Always a long queue.
2pm: Walk around the 鼓楼 Drum Tower and 钟楼 Bell Tower.
3pm: Break time at Mr Shi's dumplings! 老石水餃 (because i have a dumpling craving!) if not you can opt for Yao Ji Chao Gan 姚記炒肝. Just beside Hun Tun Hou.
330pm: More street shopping and dropby i-tea for some cold drinks.
6pm: Dinner at DaDong Peking Duck.

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