Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beijing Day 01 - Donghuamen 東華門 Snack Street & Wangfujing Snack Street 王府井小吃街

DongHuaMen 東華門 Snack Street
This 100-meter long snack street is open from 6:00pm to 9:00pm every day. The night market is home to about 100 stalls selling over 100 snacks from all over China. For adventurous dinners, it is a food paradise with such unique snacks as centipedes, lizards, deep fried crickets available to eat on a stick.

Since it is a typical street food, you have no table for sitting and eating. You are supposed to stand eating just before the food stalls. A protected line is set to separate the food stalls from the driving lane. So people feel quite safe eating with the protected line.

here's looking at the endless row of stalls and the divider between the pedestrianized corridor and road to the right.

they sell all sorts of peculiar food on a stick!

Next to DongHuaMen Snack street is the famous Wangfujing where there are loads of famous restaurants and shopping malls.

At night, when Wangfujing street turns on its ever increasing number of neon advertising signs, even more crowds flock to soak up the atmosphere. The neons can now be compared to those of any major city in the world and are very popular with the tourists, especially those coming from less developed parts of China.

Most shops stay open till around 9pm and sometimes an impromptu night market

At the centre of Wangfujing, you will find a little alley that sells street snacks too!

Bon appetite!

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