Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beijing Day 03 - Xidan 西单 Shopping Street

We started the day by grabbing a cab down to Xidan Shopping street which is in Xicheng District. For breakfast, we decided to follow some locals who were getting their food from the street vendors. So we did the same and ordered the same stuff too!

monkey see, monkey do!

here's our morning breakfast: crepe with pork floss - not bad and cheap.

here's a photo of the outdoor market...but since it's winter, i highly recommend to shop indoors...brr....

Here's how the Xidan Bright Pearl Market looks like.

zoom in on our crepe....

and since we shared a crepe, i ordered a chinese pizza too! Call 掉渣餅
Fresh from the oven, lightly swiped with a sweet, savoury sauce and sprinkled with spring onions and sesame seeds, these simple Chinese pizzas were light, crispy and utterly delicious.

Plus i saw many locals carrying this paperbag so i was so intrigued that i went to spied on the chinese words and finally found the stall!!!



(Xidan Bright Pearl Market)
Hengertiao 59
Xicheng district

When you realise that Silk Market and Yaxiu Market and HongQiao Market all have the same supplies, it's time to try out the locals' own shopping districts. This is where the inhabitants of Beijing gather to pick up their gear.

In the northern parts of the "Xidan Beidajie" street there are lots of small shops. The area also has several markets and malls. We know from experience that it's very possible to spend whole days here and still have ground left to cover.

Start by visiting the Xidan Outdoor Market, which actually is largely indoors. The prices here can be very low and the supply of clothes and accessories is not too bad either. Then visit one of the larger markets east or north of this area and remember to always bargain on Outdoor Market too.

If you are looking for more exclusive shopping, a good choice is Grand Pacific, located west of Xidan Beidajie.

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