Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bibigo at Raffles City Basement

oh wow! this place is swarming with people!!! We made reservations and the lady said that she could only hold our table for 15mins!!! so we rushed from work like mad and thankfully it's certainly was worth the effort coming down here to eat!

For the bibimbap, you can choose your own rice - mix, white, brown, black and choose your meat - beef, chicken etc and even sauce - green tea, spicy, not so spicy, sesame, citron soy sauce etc...can't really remember as they are in korean names but you can get the waitress to explain them to you.

I took the original korean sauce that's really red and spicy! WOOT!

and we ordered a seafood pancake to share too! which was delicious with the light savoury soy sauce! and another plate of tofu and fried kimchi to share as well!! that was generally acceptable to most vegetarians, but for our carnivorous friends, i think they didn't really enjoyed this dish much!

Groupie photo - gathered to celebrate after doing our written papers!
A terrific break and gathering! Now is to await for our results...

here's me(4months preggy now!) and wj

seafood pancake with light soy sauce (very tasty!) and my rice bowl!!! comes in a set with pickled vegetables, kimchi and soup.

tofu with kimchi which we shared....

my bibimbap (hot stone rice) all mixed with veggies and sauce! YUMZ!

will definitely return for more sumptous food!!!

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