Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Xmas Eve at my Mum's

roasting turkey instructions

Frosty always enjoy a festive occasion. See how happy his smile is!!!

here's a family photo. Missing my sis here cos this year she's spending her xmas overseas with her bf.

here's what we brought over for xmas dinner - aglio olio with shrooms

and a huge dose of fibre - salad!

wj's no-no finger pointing at Owen.

yup even our bed buddies are here to join us...

us in front of the huge turkey...and nope, we didn't manage to finish it!
Only ate half of it!

ahren + she-orh-orh: wooo (standing back)....the log cake is huge....
actually's you guys who are little.

see our xmas presents on stool cos we are afraid our naughty dogs might pee on them!!!

and we bought a little present for ah-ren.

at the stroke of's time to exchange and rip our presents open!!! and WJ has gotten me a MUMMY BAG!!! whoppeee!!! Just what i wanted to hold my baby bottles, diapers, pacifer and what-nots in future.

and i got a camper shoe for wj this xmas cos he wanted one.
Daddy got him a BMW vintage.

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