Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing - Getting There

We arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the late afternoon and waited to board the plane after buying our duty free products....while waiting, there was a starbucks guy walking around the terminal with a bell, shouting "Free drinks!!! Come and get your free drinks!!!!"


so of course we went to the starbucks outlet to take a look and true enough Starbucks was giving free drinks from 5pm-7pm for any choice of beverage, and you only need to donate what you want to the Salvation Army.

the very long Q at Starbucks....

poster of Starbucks - Open house - All proceeds to the Salvation Army!
After we had our daily dose of caffeine each, boarded the plane, flight was delayed by 1 hour.... Finally it took off.
Watched a bit of movies on our ipad...and we ordered some dine in...

1250am: We reached Beijing Airport, managed to get our luggage, took a cab down to our hotel
230am: Check in...and our stomachs were growling cos we shared only one main meal on the plane.
Went downstairs to the concierge to ask whether are there any convenience stores around and YES! in fact there are 2 around the corner!!!
3am: Back in our hotel rooms with our loot - 2 cups of instant noodles, preserved tofu pieces, beef jerky and 2 packets of potato chips.

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