Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing Day 01 - 文宇奶酪 Wenyu Nailao

Make sure you see this sign when looking for NanLuoGuXiang!

and i bought 4 cushion covers ($35 Yuan each) for my new home, and it's called


and more good things to come along this little street of shops and eateries...

and near this little store where we bought our cushion covers and little coin the famous No. 49, 文宇奶酪 Wenyu Nailao.
They have many many flavours but we tried only the original for $10 Yuan.

although it's only 1030am...there are people coming in to eat their yoghurt!

let's carry on walking till the end of the street! cos we need to grab a cab to 798 Art District!

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