Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beijing Day 01 - Sanlitun 三里屯

Sanlitun Village
Kengo Kuma

Inspired by Beijing's hutongs and siheyuan courtyards and comprising a mix of unusual shapes, textures and vibrant colours, the design of the Village blends the Beijing of the past with its more worldly, cosmopolitan present. The two halves that make up the Village compliment one another structurally, and set the tone for a diverse experience here in Sanlitun.

Taking influence from the Oval partnership from Hong Kong, and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, a group of some of the world's most renowned architects have created a community of 19 dramatic buildings, with the main focus on 'human-scale' design. This emphasis on 'human-scale' design when approaching the development of the Village allows the architecture to appear warm and welcoming, but also to both surprise and evoke intrigue in the visitor.

even ahren wants to pose in front of Sanlitun adidas shop...the facade is simply fascinating!

here's me outside Kengo Kuma's Opposite House

Front drive porch of the Opposite House - Luxury Boutique Hotel by Kengo Kuma
The exterior glass walls are imprinted with a green silk screen print, a modern interpretation of a Chinese lattice screen pattern, that acts as a veil for the guests staying at the hotel.

after walking Sanlitun Village, we decided to take a break at this little cafe called Colibri.
We warmed our stomachs with a delicious hot pumpkin soup and cuppa cafe latte while we check on each other's photographs!

Anywhere else in the world, it’s nothing special, but Beijing has been living in a vacuum and lacking much in the way of café culture, which makes this space commonly uncommon.

The café is bright with clean, hard light wood benches, lots of steel and white, and a good-looking crowd eating simple fare.

See the rows and rows of cupcakes behind wj?

Colibri Cafe
Tel: 10 6417-0808.
The Village North, Level LG 51
No. 11 Sanlitun Road

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