Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing Day 01 - 餛飩候 Hun Tun Hou

餛飩候 Hun Tun Hou
Address: 309 鼓龍東大街
Opens: 0630 - 2200

If you like small dumpling like wantons or what the chinese calls them - Hun Tun, there's a place in Guloudongdajie 鼓龍東大街 where you can sample these fabulous little things.

They are famous for their paper thin wantons with 70% meat mixed with 30% fat for their proportionate fillings.
The soup is boiled from pork bones and their wantons are only freshly made once the order is placed. So you will have to be patient to eat your wantons.

Besides their paper thin skins, their prices are just as lean. So you needn't feel the pinch when you order.

Making wonton soup is also one of their special skills, with a mellow taste, not too oily, and full of calcium; a healthy, nutritious meal. Several foreign heads of state have come here to sample Huntun Hou's unique, delicious flavors.

Here's us in front of the Drum Tower - very iconic! Once you see this, it's the beginning of the the Guloudongdajie! And beside this is Hun Tun Hou.

here's the order chit where you mark your choices and place your order at the cashier.

here's what we ordered: Regular Hun Tun, Spicy Hun Tun, XiaoLongBaos and Crispy Buns
Total Bill $40 Yuan

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