Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing Day 01 - 吉事果 Churros

Still Hungry?
Here's another place to get your snacks from along Nanluoguxiang 南鑼鼓巷 whilst you do your street shopping.

吉事果 Churros
Address: 60, 南鑼鼓巷

This little food stall on Nanluoguxiang makes churros, a sweet Spanish and Latin American snack, served with ice cream ($20 Yuan) or chocolate sauce ($15 Yuan)

we had ours dipped in hot chocolate sauce since we just finished eating our hun tuns! Ice cream would be too much for us....if only we still have more space in our tum tums.

so after more eating, it's more walking and shopping!!!
On the way, we bought some vintage enamel mugs for souvenirs...$20 Yuan each.

street of the early morning.

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