Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beijing Day 03 - 鼓楼 Drum Tower & 钟楼 Bell Tower

Gǔlóu (鼓楼), the drum tower of Beijing, is situated at the northern end of the central axis of the Inner City to the north of Di’ anmen Street. Originally built for musical reasons, it was later used to announce the time and is now a tourist attraction.

near the vicinity, elderly folks are watching intently at a mahjong game while the younger ones are playing badminton behind.

Zhōnglóu (钟楼), the bell tower of Beijing stands closely behind the drum tower. Together with the drum tower, they provide an overview of central Beijing and before the modern era, they both dominated Beijing's ancient skyline.

ahren in front of Bell Tower....

after making our rounds around the bell and drum tower, we went back to the shopping street, i have gotten myself a pair of turtle shell specs!

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