Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing Day 1 - Our Hotel: Kapok Hotel

Hotel Kapok 木棉花酒店
16号 Donghuamen Street Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100006
Designed by by Studio Pei Zhu

Hotel Kapok, formerly a government office, is a boutique hotel located east of the Palace Museum. During the design process, the architects strove to achieve an integration of traditional design and modern construction details. In order to accommodate the room arrangements and bring in natural light, two indoor courtyards with sunroofs were created. Additionally, the majority of the exterior surface was constructed using a new form of fiberglass created specifically for the project: fiberglass beams, with the texture and color of bamboo, cross one another to form a mesh wall. At the same time the latticework acts as an optical light filter and creates a “visual mirage,” earning the nickname of the Blur Hotel. From a distance, the building looks like a glowing Chinese paper lantern, an expression of the complexity and occasional mystery of Chinese tradition.

the view of Gu Gong 故宮 from our window.

here's our living area with 2 bottles of complimentary juices.

view of our full height window and king size bed.

me prepping up in the toilet before we make our head start for the day!

see the bath-tub and the basin are the same shape!!!

view of our toilet

here's looking at our living area again - comes with free internet access and cable tv.

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